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November 30, 2008

i made this custom cross stitch today for miss. crowland!

i’ve got also got some new ones to post but i have to wait for the sun to come up so i can photograph them.



November 28, 2008

we went to new york city on monday & wedenesday. we saw the american natural history museum, moma & the met. we also went to see the statue of liberty which was a lot smaller tan i expected. a little bird it me while i was in battery park. we got around on the subway smoothly. times square was mental. i didn’t like that much but we saw some really nice neighbourhoods. saw monk’s restaurant from seinfeld. saw the damien hurst shark which was pretty exciting. i sneaked a few photos of it. i think it should be snuck. sneaked sounds so wrong. i did a cross stitch this morning but i can’ take a photo yet. i haven’t been doing any this week & i feel really guilty but i haven’t had time. i will be going full force after this weekend.

philadelphia art museum

November 23, 2008

today at the philadelphia art museum we saw the james castle exhibit which was really cool. he was deaf & had no training in art. his art wasn’t even recognized until 20 years after he died. he used only things he could find laying around. all his drawings were spit & soot. he also used string & carboard to make things like people, animals & doors. this was one of my favourites. it’s a woman with a milk jug. then there was an awesome quilt exhibit. i took pictures & then someone told me not to so i stopped & then i ran into her ratting me out to another security guard but all she said was “oh well! she didn’t know & now she knows! not gonna lock ‘er up!” then the tattle tale looked really dumb & it was fun. we went around to the modern art & i saw a whole bunch of duchamp, picasso, cornell & others. it’s pretty neat seeing all the ones they show you in class.


November 23, 2008

i don’t have photos yet (used film) but last nights show at the first unitarian church in philadelphia was amazing. there was only 50 people. there were pews & 4 people in one was squished. the chapel had wooden walls with amazing detail. the light was dim & everyone was seated & quiet. he had a cold but it made him sound even better. he played wolves & it was perfect. i can’t wait to get my photos back. the other band was really good too. they were called virgin forest. i hadn’t heard of them before. it was by far the best show i’ve ever been to.

now we’re off to the philadelphia art museum!

cross stitch photos

November 21, 2008

i re-shot all the photos of my cross stitches. i emailed poppytalk handmade to see if i could get a spot in their shop & she suggested that i could make my photos more interesting. i took her advice & went to work. you can see them all on my etsy. i think it’s really improved the look of my shop & also made a nice comfy vibe.

also, it’s a blizzard out!!!! we are driving to pheonixville, pa tomorrow. during this week i will be going to new york city for the first time. wish me luck!