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December 30, 2008

i just made up a bunch that are going to be in the white elephant vintage shop in hamilton, ontario. my hometown! i’m thrilled to have a part in it. i will be slowly putting them up in my etsy for all to have access! i’ve really happy with this one in particular so it’s up first. enjoy!


etsy favourites

December 27, 2008

participation award ribbon by fieldguided

antique lace zipper pouch by forestbound

vintage purse brown by showpony

mulberry wood coasters by caronruse

birch-cloth with raindrops – handbound journal by nightjarbooks

new cross stitches!

December 23, 2008

this is the new kind of designs i’m working on. i really like the browny earthy nature feel. my favourite part about it is the little berries. i can’t get over how cute they are. i have a few more patterns to work out in this style. let me know what you think. some will be made available on etsy in the next couple weeks! till then, i have this in my shop now. i also have a couple sold ones that can be requested for a remake! here & here!

tumblr & twitter

December 21, 2008

i’m getting more with it now! i have a tumblr but this isn’t just any ol’ tumblr. nick & i are collaborating & collecting all the movie title screens we can & posting them all there. i have a folder full of ’em & it’s burning a hole in my pocket! i’ve also gotten myself a twitter. i would love if you started following both!

early christmas

December 20, 2008

nick made me an amazing monogram drawing! i also got degrassi junior high season 2!

i now have a buy option in the needlework section on!