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January 12, 2009

i want to know what you think. could these be better?!



November 9, 2008

still feeling sick. i watched seven today & made this white spruce cross stitch. it’s up on my etsy obviously. i’m also starting a bigger cross stitch! might take a few days at my pace but i’m also going to keep making little ones. this new one is in an 8 inch hoop!

nick has been working on school a lot. coming up is the end of the quarter or something. i don’t understand normal school schedules. i went to a small school where they made up their own (better) system. i miss school.

i sent an email to the people at today telling them that their site hasn’t changed since 1997. i’m also busy looking at garfield minus garfield.

two evergreens

November 8, 2008

i feel sick. last night i got a pounding headache. i went to sleep & i wokeup at two & the headache was gone. but then a few minutes later it started coming back. then i fell asleep & woke up at 3 & it was gone again & then a few minutes later it came back worse than ever. it was so painful. i just laid still. i fell asleep again & in the morning it was gone. thank god. but now i feel slow & nauseated. woof.

so the past week i have been cross stitching like crazy. i have been completing one per day. needless to say, i don’t really feel up to it today. i probably will though because i don’t want to break this streak. anyway, i’ve been posting them to my etsy each day. i’ve been working hard promoting myself & i hope it pays off.

because christmas is coming i thought it would be good to make christmas themed ones. but because i hate most commercial christmas decorations i thought i would make them really subtle. most of them could be kept up all year even.

i’ll be using this blog to post my cross stitches & my photos. probably anything else i make too. i draw when the mood hits me.