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cross stitch crown badge

January 14, 2009

i listed this in my shop! i call the gold one gold. duh. & i call the off white one platinum. i think they turned out nicely.



January 12, 2009

i want to know what you think. could these be better?!


January 8, 2009

new listing in my shop today! get crowned! this one is also available at the white elephant vintage shop in hamilton, ontario if you’re in the area.

custom initial cross stitch

November 19, 2008

i just got an idea to make these yesterday when i was flipping through my many cross stitch books. i’m making it totally customizable. choose your colours & your letters. you can have just a first initial, just a last initial or you can put both! i think this makes a great gift. i might be making some up for so friends!


November 8, 2008

i’m still feeling crumby. crummy? i don’t know. my throat is starting to hurt. the above two cross stitches i made today. i can’t just lay here & do nothing! one is a fleur de lis & the other is a crown. i have been sitting to the very right of the couch all day. i showered at 5pm. sad. what is not sad though is that i have so many cross stitch designs brewing in my head & on paper & in books that i can’t even pump them out fast enough!