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edie is back!

January 16, 2009

my little kitten is back from the vet now. she has the softest tummy when it’s shaved. not that it isn’t soft anyway. haha. rollo (our other cat) is hissing at her. i guess she smells different from the vet. she’s just sleeping now. so cute.



November 17, 2008

last night we watched the above movie. it was okay. i watched the whole thing anyway. it took about an hour to get into it. nick kept falling asleep & i’ve never seen him fall asleep to a movie before. that might not be a good sign. the end was funny but kind of intense. i’ll still tell you to watch it though.

this morning we took edie to the vet because she was acting weird & we thought it might be a urinary tract infection. so we found out it’s a reprodcution tract infection. if we don’t get pills or spay her like, now, then her uterus is going to disintigrate & turn to puss & melt away. we got pills but now we’re looking to get her spayed at some other vet. the vet today said it would be $450! brutal. poor edie.